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Major thanks to Janybanny, angk500 ("Franz Ferdinand") and Rubble for allowing the port of this guide from Steam.

The original can be found here

The original content was slightly edited for clarity and relevance.

Guide Introduction and Tracking[edit | edit source]

This guide showcases all achievements and includes additional notes of how to achieve them.

Achievement Tracking[edit | edit source]

You can track some statistics for your achievements with the Steam API if you want to know how far you are from getting them.

To access the Steam API, you will need:

Your SteamId You can get your steamId here: (use the SteamID64 value)
A Steam API key You can get your API key here: (Just type in your IP adress)
A Public Steam Profile You need to change your Steam Privacy Settings to "Public"

Then you have to put the two values into this link (X=API Key and Y=SteamId):

Here you can see all the achievements that you have already achieved and all the statistics that already have a value. If you can't find a statistic, try increasing it once to initialize it. The website doesn't always update in real time, so maybe you have to wait a minute or so to see an updated value.

Achievement List[edit | edit source]

  • Grey - 0% of all players according to Steam.
  • Red - Removed from game, status or contents unknown.
Image Name Description Type % of Players[1] Notes
Taking off Have your first aircraft depart from an airport Aircraft 18.9%
The collector Land every aircraft type in the game Aircraft 0%
Do a barrel roll Perform a turnaround including all services Services 3.8%
Avian veterinarian Repair a broken aircraft Services 8.2%
Queen of the skies Succesfully turnaround a 747 Services 1.0%
Behemoth of the skies Succesfully turnaround an A380 Services 1.1%
Small airfield Turnaround 25 aircraft in one day Aircraft 16.5%
Regional airport Turnaround 75 aircraft in one day Aircraft 7.5%
International hub Turnaround 200 aircraft in one day Aircraft 0.3%
And I would fly 500 miles Depart 500 GA aircraft Aircaft 8.0%
0.005 million Depart 5,000 GA aircraft Aircraft 1.2%
Take me to your heaven Depart 1,000 commercial aircraft Aircraft 5.6%
Over 9,000!!! Depart 10,000 commercial aircraft Aircraft 0.6%
Novice CEO Have an airport with more than 500 current passengers with a passenger rating above 80% Rating 8.2%
Interim CEO Have an airport with more than 2,500 current passengers with a passenger rating above 80% Rating 3.1%
Or… a CEO! Have an airport with more than 5,000 current passengers with a passenger rating above 80% Rating 1.4%
Young successful entrepreneur Depart 500,000 passenger via aircraft Passengers 0.1%
I've grinded for this view Depart 50,000,000 passenger via aircraft Passengers 0%
Life at Apoapsis Staff happiness above 90% with a staff force of above 100 Rating 1.1% Very easy to get. Have more than enough staff than needed, so that all your staff can take enough breaks. Fast to get by hiring over 100 staff without any work. Make a big break room where everyone can sit and a toilet.
Unionize! Staff happiness below 10% with a staff force of above 100 Rating 0% Takes a while to get. Only hire staff with red skill (can take some time). Staff with more skill have a base happiness that is higher than 10%. Don't offer any toilets or breakrooms for your staff.
There and back again Reroute 10,000 bags using tilt trays Baggage 2.4%
X-ray vision Manually scan 750,000 bags Baggage 0%
Wilhelm Röntgen Manually scan 75,000,000 bags Baggage 0%
Hilma af Klint Color a vehicle 3.5%
The scientist Complete all R&D projects 4.7%
Cruising altitude Have a total rating of 95% or higher Rating 0%
The Airport CEO Win the Airport of the Year Award Rating 0%
The luxury trap Fully pay back a loan Finances 4.5%
Nouveau riche Have a net worth of $10,000,000 Finances 5.0%
Actually president of the company Have a net worth of $100,000,000 Finances 0%
The explorer Load an airport from Steam Workshop 2.9%

Hidden Achievements[edit | edit source]

These achievements lack descriptions and are supposed to be discovered randomly.

Image Name Description % of Players[1] Notes
Hidden 1 Hidden - Achievement was removed when game moved to Beta and doesn't exist anymore.
Travel to executive bathroom island Hidden 0.8% Have an executive use a toilet that is set to staff and executive only.
Hidden 2 Hidden - Achievement was removed when game moved to Beta and doesn't exist anymore.
The contributor Hidden 0% Upload one of your saves to the steam workshop.
"When is the next dev blog" Hidden 1.6% Have 50 delayed flights. Inside joke, since the dev blog was often delayed.
Mr Robot Hidden 0.9% Open the Console with F9 and use the command "motherlode" to gain 1 million money and the achievement. Warning: Disables achievements for the save afterwards. Also known as the "H4CK3R achievement" due to its icon
Serial Entrepreneur Hidden 0% Start a total of 50 airports. Tip: Autohotkey is your friend, if you know how to use it.
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