Airbus A321

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Airbus A321
A321 tulip.png
A demo of the A321.
Min. Gate Size Medium
Min. Runway Length Medium
Deplaning and Prep. Time 4 hours
Operations Type Commercial

The A321 is a medium aircraft from the Airbus A320 series manufactured by European manufacturer Airbus, first flying in 1994. Since then, the A321 (and its variants) is used as a short, medium, and (sometimes) long-haul workhorse for many airlines. The A321 model was added in Airport CEO during build Alpha 29.12, and is used for medium commercial flights.

Operators:[edit | edit source]

The A321 is currently used by the following airlines in Airport CEO:

Air Strada
SkyFly Airlines
Tulip Airlines

Gallery[edit | edit source]