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Airline Lounges
Airline lounge wiki pic.jpg
An Airline Lounge on its own floor! Note the bathroom within the Lounge.
Procured? Yes
Required? No

Airline Lounges are special rooms for business class passengers.

Basics of Airline Lounges[]

A small percentage of passengers on a flight are business class passengers. Most of these passengers wear suits, but about 10% don't. These passengers have the right to use airline lounges. These lounges are placed within a secure or international zone. Business class passengers will go to an airline lounge, if there is one, after they pass security. Here, they sit down, eat, and go to the bathroom.

Requirements of the Room[]

You must/should have the following in an airline lounge:

Airline Assignment[]

An airline lounge can be assigned to an airline, so only passengers of that airline can use it. The lounge can be also set to all airlines, which allows all business class passengers to use it.