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A simple but good looking bathroom with a few passengers. One for male, and one for female.
Procured? No
Required? Yes

Bathrooms are a room type that increases passenger satisfaction and lowers bladder needs. Bathrooms should be provided plentifully in all sections of your airport in order to suffice the needs of all passengers. Bathrooms can be assigned both males and females, and to a specific gender, respectively. Bathrooms can also be set to both staff and passenger, passenger only, staff only, and executive only. Bathrooms can also charge a fee for every passenger use. This is located in the Economy panel. Note that charging a fee can lower passenger satisfaction.

General Information[]

The minimum size for any bathroom is 3x3 and is required to provide toilets and sinks. Bathrooms that are assigned to all or only male passengers require a urinal. Bathrooms must be serviced by a janitor and a service technician. Below is the cost of every item.

Bathroom Item Costs
Item Size Cost
Sink 1x1 $5.00
Toilet 2x1 $1.00
Urinal 1x1 $2.00
Hand dryer 1x1 $10.00


  • Once a bathroom is built, it must be turned on for it to be used by passengers and staff.
  • The Emergency update added an emergency where items in the bathrooms break and have to be fixed, so make sure that you have plenty of service technicians in your airport.