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Boeing 737
A demo of the Boeing 737.
Capacity Various / tbd pax
Min. Gate Size Medium
Min. Runway Length Medium
Operations Type Commercial

The Boeing 737 series is an aircraft series made by American manufacturer Boeing. The first 737's first flight was in 1967. Since then, the plane has been modified and redone multiple times, but it has retained its role as a short and medium-haul workhorse for many airlines worldwide. All 737 aircraft are medium size. The 737 series was one of the first aircraft series to be introduced into Airport CEO.


There are two variants of the Boeing 737 series in Airport CEO:

  • Boeing 737-600
  • Boeing 737-800

The Boeing 737 is operated by six different airlines:

Airline 737-600 737-800
Air Strada Yes No
Forrest Air No Yes
Maple Yes Yes
Nordic Yes No
Skylink Yes Yes
Swiftly Yes Yes

*List may not be up to date with fleet updates in Alpha 35 and 36.

Real-Life 737 sizes[]

Due to the 737's long history and the various new technologies that have been introduced since its first flight, the plane has been redesigned and reengined to stay competitive in the short haul market. As a result, many variations of the 737 exist, which are not all in Airport CEO. Here is an equivalency table of 737 "sizes" which might come in handy to modders looking to recreate real-life fleets:

Sizes of the 737
Generation Size 1 (~120 passengers) Size 2 (~150 passengers) Size 3 (~180 passengers) Size 4 (~220 passengers)
1/Original 737-100, 737-200 - - -
2/Classic 737-500 737-300 737-400 -
3/NextGen 737-600 737-700 737-800 737-900/ER
4/MAX - 737 MAX 7 (in development) 737 MAX 8 737 MAX 9 and MAX 10 (latter in development)


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