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Logo of CLM.
Name CLM
CEO Howard Hughes
Flight Prefix CL
CLM, the future of aviation!

CLM was an airline in Airport CEO. It was one of the first airlines implemented in the game, and can be seen in the original teaser video. The airline ceased operations in May, 2020, with the launch of Alpha 35.

Fleet[edit | edit source]

At the time of cease, the airline operated the following fleet:

Cessna 208
ATR 42 and 72
CRJ 700

Spiritual Successors[edit | edit source]

CLM was "bankrupt" because Swiftly was too similar aesthetically, so Swiftly is the true successor.

However, a CLM recreation mod was made by the ACEO Modding Group and TwoCFlyer, and can be downloaded in the Steam Workshop.