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A catering depot with a catering truck getting some meals.
Procured? Yes
Required? No

The catering service lets you provide food for medium and large planes. Food is sent by a catering supplier and then converted into meals in a catering depot. Then, before a flight arrives, catering trucks pick up food and then brought to the aircraft.

Catering Food Suppliers[]

Catering food suppliers deliver food to your catering depot. They are listed below:

Catering Food Suppliers
Supplier Rating
Sky Garden 4
Conway Catering 3
Happy Pig 2

Catering Depot and Trucks[]

After food has been delivered to your catering depot it will be turned into meals. The rate at which this is done can be changed via the slider at the bottom of the panel which you can access by clicking on the depot. In exchange for a high operating cost, for food will be changed into meals. Then, shortly before the flight for which the food is needed, a catering truck will leave a service vehicle depot (or parking lot) to go stock up on meals. Then, when the plane arrives it will go drop off its meals. Some planes will request more than one truck. Also note that catering trucks will only stock up on enough food for that flight, so catering trucks will have to visit the deport frequently, and will almost never hold up to their full capacity. (Note, this last detail is subject to change)