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Procured? No
Required? Yes

Passengers must Check-in at the check-in desk before boarding flights.

Check-in Basics[edit | edit source]

Passenger check-in occurs at the check-in desk, where they get their ticket and deposit their baggage (if baggage service is enabled). A check-in desk is placed as a single object and can be constructed with up to two contractors. A check-in desk requires at least one and maximum two airport staff employees to operate.

Check-in Operations[edit | edit source]

When a contract is signed between an Airline and the Airport, it requires the availability of a certain number of check-in desks. Check-in desks are booked by the flight and one check-in desk can only serve one flight at the same time. If there are not enough available check-in desks for the time when a flight is attempted to be planned, the flight will not be able to be planned at that time.

The Check-in Desk Panel[edit | edit source]

Clicking on a check-in desk will open the check-in desk panel. The check-in desk panel shows what flight is currently open for check-in and also shows the next flights that are scheduled for the coming day. On the right hand side of the panel there are interact-able buttons for activating or deactivating the desk, stationing more or less Airport Staff at the desk, building a queue, or connecting a baggage bay.

Check-in Desk Queue[edit | edit source]

Check-in desks by default have a queue attached to them. To extend or shorten the queue, open the Check-in Desk Panel and click "Build Queue". The queue can be as long as desired but not shorter than one queue tile.

Baggage Bay Connection[edit | edit source]

Check-in Desk Panel.jpg

To support baggage handling, a check-in desk must be connected to a baggage bay. To connect the check-in desk to a baggage bay, open the Check-in Desk Panel and click "Connect to Baggage Bay". If a check-in desk is not connected it will not check in bags. A baggage bay connection cannot be cleared if a check-in desk has scheduled flights.