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Passengers must Check-in at the check-in desk before boarding flights.

Check-in Basics[]

Passenger check-in occurs at the check-in desk, where they get their ticket and deposit their baggage (if baggage service is enabled). There are multiple different types of desks (small and large; manned and automated), which have different requirements (see below).


Each flight needs a check-in desk available sometime before the flight arrives (multiple flights can use one desk though). Check-in desks are booked by the flight and one check-in desk can only serve one flight at the same time (note that same time means the 30 minutes when the check-in is open). If there are not enough available check-in desks for the time when a flight is attempted to be planned, the flight will not be able to be planned at that time.

Info Panel[]

Clicking on a check-in desk will open the check-in desk info panel. It will show/allow you to do the following:

  • What flight is currently open for check-in and next flight scheduled for the coming day.
  • Activate or deactivate the desk
  • Station more or less staff at the desk
  • Build a queue (see below)
  • Connect a baggage bay (also see below)


Check-in desks by default have a queue attached to them (this can not be removed). To extend the queue, open the Check-in Desk Panel and click "Build Queue". The queue can be as long as desired.

Baggage Connection[]

To support baggage handling, a check-in desk must be connected to a baggage bay. To connect the check-in desk to a baggage bay, open the Check-in Desk Panel and click "Connect to Baggage Bay". If a check-in desk with baggage belt outputs is not connected to a baggage bay it will not check-in bags. Other than just being marked as connected, there must also be a physical baggage belt to the baggage bay. A baggage bay connection can be cleared if a check-in desk has scheduled flights, allowing you to stop future flights from being planned.

Types of Check-in Desks/Requirements[]

These are the following types of check-in desks and their requirements:

  1. Small check-in desk (manned): 1 passenger service agent
  2. Medium check-in desk (manned): 1-2 passenger service agent, baggage bay connection
  3. Automatic check-in desk: None!
  4. Automatic baggage drop: baggage bay connection

Look at the article "Baggage" for more info on the baggage part of this!