Airport CEO Wiki
A demo of the old (pre beta) debug panel.
Hotkey F10
Experimental? Yes

This page is old, and the f10 or debug panel is experimental and for experienced players only! Note that many things have been removed from this panel! Congratulations on reaching this page btw...

The Debug panel is used to identify, and possibly fix, issues caused by bugs in the game. It can also cause the game to break when it was otherwise functioning normally, so use with caution. The debug panel can be accessed by pressing F10.


Player Input[]

Label Type Function
Allow Keyboard Input Toggle Toggles whether the game accepts keyboard input, except escape. Since the debug menu can only be closed with F10, disabling this makes the debug menu unable to be closed until it is re-enabled.
Allow Mouse Input Toggle Unknown. Does not seem to actually affect mouse input.
Show UI Toggle If disabled, clicking on objects or rooms will not bring up their respective panels.

Air Traffic Control[]

Label Type Function
Ignore Allocation Timer Toggle Unknown
Enable Aircraft Timeout Toggle If enabled, aircraft that are prevented from moving due to an obstructed path will move forward anyways after a while.
Reset Aircraft Paths Button Resets all aircraft nodes, forcing aircraft to regenerate their paths. Can fix aircraft that refuse to move for no apparent reason.

World Nodes[]

Label Type Function
Unoccupy All Person Nodes Button Resets all person nodes, forcing people to regenerate their paths. Can fix people that refuse to move for no apparent reason.
Unoccupy All Road Nodes Button Resets all road nodes, forcing vehicles to regenerate their paths. Can fix vehicles that refuse to move for no apparent reason.
Unoccupy all Conveyor Belt Nodes Button Resets all conveyor belt nodes. Can fix conveyor belts that are stuck for no apparent reason.

Spawn Baggage[]

Label Type Function
All PAX Baggage Button Unknown
Orphan Baggage Button Unknown

Change Day State[]

Label Type Function
Morning (08:00)
Midday (12:00)
Afternoon (15:00)
Evening (18:00)
Night (20:00)
Button Changes the time of the current day. Can break schedules or active job tasks

Change Weather[]

Main article: Weather

Label Type Function
Simulate Weather Toggle Unknown
Regenerate Weather Button Unknown
Weather Checklist Enables/disables Sunny, Hot, Drought, Wildfire, Clear, Dry, Cloudy, Humid, Wet, Rainy, Rainstorm, Hail, Hailstorm, Sleet, Sleetstorm, Cold, Snow, Snowstorm, Blizzard, Avalanche, Windy, Hurricane, Typhoons, Tornado, Sandstorm, Foggy, Mist. By default, only Sunny is enabled.
Enable Rain Toggle Enables/disables Rain. Disabled by default.
Enable Hail Toggle Enables/disables Hail. Disabled by default.
Enable Sleet Toggle Enables/disables Sleet. Disabled by default.
Enable Hail Toggle Enables/disables Hail. Disabled by default.
Enable Fog Toggle Enables/disables Fog. Disabled by default and unable to be changed.
Enable Wind Toggle Enables/disables Wind. Disabled by default.
Trigger Lightning Button Begins a lightning sequence that continues for several minutes
Precipitation Intensity Slider How much rain falls during a rainstorm
Weather Transition Time Slider How frequently the weather switches states. Unknown which end of the slider makes it more frequent.

Airport States[]

Label Type Function
Enable Debug Mode Toggle Unknown


Label Type Function
Enable Debug Mode Toggle Unknown
Full Sandbox Toggle Allows you to spend money when you have none

Road Traffic[]

Label Type Function
Spawn Vehicles Toggle Enables/Disables spawning of vehicles on the road

Spawn Aircraft[]

Label Type Function
Aircraft List Selects the type of aircraft to spawn, from DHC6, CESSNA208, CRJ700, ATR72, B737600, BAE146, CESSNA182, B737800, or unspecified.
Airline List The Airline the the aircraft should be associated with. Can currently only be set to "No Airline"
Low Fuel Toggle Whether the spawned aircraft should have low fuel and need refueling.
Spawn Button Spawns the aircraft using the settings above, in the process of landing on the runway.

Spawn Vehicle[]

Label Type Function
Vehicle List Selects the type of vehicle to spawn, from Unspecified, PersonCar, Taxi, Limousine, Bus, ContractorShuttle, ServiceTruck, FuelTruck, FuelTruckAvgas10, FuelTruckJetA1, AviationFuelSupplyTruck, BeltLoader, SecurityCar, DeliveryTruck, Metro, Aircraft, or Any.
Spawn at Depot Toggle Whether the spawned vehicle should spawn at a vehicle depot.
Needs Maintenance Toggle Whether the spawned vehicle needs maintenance
Spawn Button Spawns the vehicle using the settings above.

Spawn Staff[]

Label Type Function
Staff List Selects the type of staff to spawn, from Contractor, AirportStaff, Security, Janitor, ServiceTechnician, RampAgent, AircraftMaintenance, Mechanic, FranchiseStaff, CEO, CFO, CIA, COO, HRDirector, ProcurementDirector, StrategyDirector, CorporateAffairs, or GeneralCounsel.
Spawn in Staff Room Toggle Whether the spawned staff should spawn in a staff room.
Spawn Button Spawns the staff member using the settings above.
Regenerate Tools Button Unknown
Clear Staff Rooms of Allowed Employee Types Button Sets all staff rooms to allow all employee types.
Fire All Staff Button Fires all current staff

Spawn Passengers[]

Label Type Function
State List Whether the spawned passenger is in the process of arriving or departing.
Security List Whether the spawned passenger is inside of security and has already been screened, or is outside security and will need to go through the process.
Needs Bathroom Toggle Whether the spawned passenger's Bladder stat is low
Is Hungry Toggle Whether the spawned passenger's Hunger stat is low (low hunger meaning that they are hungry)
Is Tired Toggle Whether the spawned passenger's Energy stat is low
Is Bored Toggle Whether the spawned passenger's fun stat is low
Spawn Button Spawns a passenger using the settings above
Send All Passengers Home Button Sends all passengers to the bus stop to be transported offscreen


Label Type Function
Type List The type of contract to accept, between Unspecified, Contractor, AviationFuelSupplier, Bank(loan), Airline, or Franchise
Accept Random Contract Button Creates and accepts a contract of the above type
Regenerate Contracts Button Deletes all current contract offers and creates new ones

Job Tasks[]

Label Type Function
Clear All Job Tasks Button Deletes all currently active job tasks (can be found in the Operations panel under Job Tasks) and allows them to be recreated.
Regenerate Continuous Job Tasks Button Deletes and recreates continuous job tasks, such as manning security stations or the information desk (as opposed to dynamic or temporary job tasks, such as manning the boarding desk or servicing aircraft).
Clean All Floors Button Makes every floor space clean, as if a Janitor had just finished with it.


Label Type Function
Simulate Construction Toggle If disabled, placed objects will appear instantly, rather than waiting for a contractor to build them
Simulate Material Toggle If disabled, contractors will not need to wait for materials to be delivered, and can construct objects simply by being near the blueprint.
Summon Contractors Button Summons a bus containing 50 contractors, to be dropped off normally.
Dismiss Contractors Button Dismisses 10 contractors, who are then picked by a bus normally.
Rebuild Everything Button Deletes an queues construction for all objects which are not currently in use. Can sometimes cause objects to be permanently queued for reconstruction, in which case the affected objects will have to be cancelled and rebuilt manually.

Fuel Depots[]

Label Type Function
Restock Fuel Depots Button Sets all Fuel Depots and tanks at 100% capacity.
Deplete Fuel Depots Button Sets all Fuel Depots and tanks at 0% capacity.


Label Type Function
Type List The type of notification to be generated, between Generic, Contract, or Operations.
Priority List The priority of the generated notification, between Unspecified, Low, Medium, High, or Critical.
Send Notification Button Sends a notification using the settings above
Delete Notification Button Unknown. Does not appear to actually delete any notifications.