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The Economy tab is where you can view your current budget and expenditures, take out loans, and accept contracts.


Budget displays your current income and expenses, and shows where all that money is being made and spent.


Income is split into the following categories:

Passenger Expenditures[]

Money spent by Passengers while they are at your airport, such as dining, shopping, and bathroom usage.

Airline Payments[]

Money received for getting passengers onto their planes, selling fuel to Airlines, and landing and hangar usage fees for airplanes that use your facilities.

Franchise Payments[]

Franchises pay you fees to rent our your stores, and you also receive a cut of their sales.

Parking Fees[]

Passengers and other visitors pay a fee to park in a Public Parking Lot.


Expenses are split into the following categories:

Building Costs[]

Costs for ongoing construction and contractor fees, as well as operational and repair costs for existing structures.

Employee Salaries[]

How much money is being spent to pay the salaries of each of Airport Staff, Security Staff, Janitors, Ramp Agents, Mechanics, and Executives.

Vehicle Operational Costs[]

The money spent operating and maintaining Fuel Trucks and Service Trucks.

Loan Payments[]

Loans that you have taken out deduct a certain amount from each tick of income.


A portion of your income is taxed.


Modifies the fees that your airport charges for services such as passenger handling, bathroom fees, landing fees, and fuel sales. Requires a CFO to be employed.


Allows for modifying the salaries of each type of employee by a percentage. Requires an HR Director.


From here you can take out loans. Loans give you an initial amount of money that is payed back, with interest, over an amount of time specified in the loan.

Loans can not be accessed while the game is paused.

Loans can be completed as a one tranche transaction, but cannot be completed if your airport has a negative balance.

There are three type of loans, with each their own loan quote and accompanying rent percentage.


Main article: Contracts

Contracts provide contractors, airline traffic, and a steady supply of fuel.