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A demo of email.
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Email is where you will receive various in-game tutorials, goals, contract proposals, reminders, airport info round-ups, and formerly, spam.

Types of Email[]


As you begin the game, you will get an email from the city's mayor welcoming you to your airport and giving you tips, as well as emails from the city's Public Transport Office offering help with construction and asking you to build a bus station. These emails are to help new players start.

Purchase Receipts[]

After the completion of purchases, you will receive an emailed receipt for each purchase.


Before the R&D update, you would receive many emails titled "Golden Opportunity ! ! ! PAY QUICK" from "Dr William Monroe". These emails could be ignored but were also very annoying. To stop receiving them, you had to purchase an Anti-Spam Filter. This was removed later.

Contract Negotiations[]

You may get emails about companies wanting to negotiate. If so, negotiate. This is really just a reminder email.

Airport of the year[]

Once every in-game year (12 in-game days) you get a mail regarding the winners of the "airport of the year ". in this mail you can see the airports ranked from 1 to 10 with the average airport happiness percentage. the winner gets $2.000.000 . your airport will only appear in this mail when you win the 1st price.