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Emergencies were introduced in Alpha 36, which also brought fences, ground and air animals, bird strike prevention systems (BSPSs), hangars, airport police stations, emergency response stations, police cars, ambulances, fire trucks.

Emergencies will occur from time to time. It will require the player to divert their attention and address the relevant issues that pop up during such an event. Should the player fail properly manage and handle the situation within a given time, the player's airport will take a penalty, in the form of a security rating dip, and a fine of a few thousand dollars. The severity of this penalty will vary depending on one's performance and will be notified via a report through the email.


Emergencies will only start occurring if:

  • The game has been running for at least a few in-game hours
  • The commercial license has been researched

Some emergencies need handling while others just require you to wait a certain amount of time.

Types of emergencies[]

Below is a list of some emergencies. Of course not all are listed and new emergencies can be added to the list

Emergency Type Description Requirements Necessary action to be taken
Medical Emergency A medical plane from the national air service requires to land

at the airport within the next 48 hours. They are requesting

medical and turnaround service

- An available ambulance on site

- An open commercial gate for 2 hours

Allocate a viable time slot within the next 48 hours of occurrence for the flight.

Ensure that there are available ramp agents and an ambulance on site. The game will do the necessary actions as if it were a regular commercial flight.

The plane will depart the airport as soon as turnaround and medical service is completed.

Plane Malfunction

(On ground)

A plane being serviced has experienced a malfunction and is not deemed air worthy. The aircraft needs to be repaired. - An available hangar of the relevant

aircraft size

An available hanger is required in order to conduct repairs. The game will direct the aircraft to move to an available hangar, and repair will commence


Plane Malfunction

(In air)

A plane flying in air has experienced a malfunction and needs to land for repairs.
Bird Strike A plane is calling a mayday due to the aircraft been hit and damaged by a birdstrike. It is requesting an immediate urgent landing for damage and reoairs.
Bird Strike Alert - Notification.png

A fine of $25,000 is applicable if you refuse or unable to resolve the emergency, so I recommend researching Emergency Services after commerical license.

- Aircarft Hanger

- A Firetruck

- Accesible service road/s from Emergency Services Buildings to runway/s

An available aircraft hanger is required in order for the aircraft to be repaird post the firetruck putting out the fire. Once the fire engine puts the fireout on the runway, the aircraft will automatically go to the closest and free aircraft hanger for repairs.
Power Surge A power surge has caused all IT equipment to malfunction.

All IT equipment (boarding stands, check-in counters, etc.) will have their durability set to 0 and require repairs.

- A lot of service technicians Service technicians will be required to fix all IT equipment. This would inadvertently cause much flight disruption especially if one does not have

enough service technicians to fix the equipment in a timely manner.

Global Pandemic A global pandemic has occurred, and there will be a sharp decline in passenger numbers.
Economic Crisis The stock market has crashed, all flights and passengers will decrease.
Fuel Crisis The price of the fuel will REALLY go up.
Engine Fire A plane has a fire on an engine and needs to land very soon. -Available fire trucks and ambulances,

-Hangar of the right size to fix the engine.

You need to have an accesible route from the fire department to the runway. Make sure you have the right cars. After the fire is put out, the plane will make its way to a hangar.
Security Problems A plane has a security crisis going on and needs to land and have a gate. -Available gate

-Available airport police car

You need to have a connection of road so the police car can reach the gate.

Emercy Example Email's[]

Bird Strike Pass Notification Email.png

Bird Strike Failed Notification Email.png