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This is a page for extremely advanced players only! Many things on here are secret not know to most... Good job on finding this page!

The f9 panel is a command panel that appears on the right side of you screen when you press the f9 key. You can type a few codes here. Opening and typing thing in the panel will disable achievements! The panel works apparently has more functions in the build version of the game, but that is inaccessible to all players. Quote from a dev: "(the panel is) Useful for debugging stuff when you’re playing the build version and don’t have access to the editor console." Else than creating emergencies there is little use to this panel.

Code Function
Prompt incident (1-8) Spawns an active emergency. Enter the code like: Prompt incident 1 or Prompt incident 5
Test incident (9-16) Spawns an passive emergency. Enter the code like: Test incident 9 or Test incident 16
Motherlode Gives $1,000,000
Cool Words (type in this word to get a response) Response
Airport yes, airport CEO is amazing!
Flight Something about not knowing anything about aviation
Hello Something about saying hi
Secret Codes (May be blank) Function
Rosebud Nothing... Literally Nothing. Probably did something before beta...
d______ i________ I made the mistake of doing this one... -Humoresque
Clear Clears panel
__t ___e May break game...
s__ d___ May break game...