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Flight Planner
Flight planner.png
A flight planner as of version 1.0.
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The flight planner is a feature of the game used to schedule flights signed through contracts. It can be accessed through the UI on the lower left corner of the screen during normal gameplay and by using the shortcut 'F'. An Air Traffic Control Tower is required to schedule flights and accept General Aviation flights.

Use of the flight planner[]

The flight planner uses a drag-and-drop system for scheduling flights. Once flight contracts are secured with an airline, the airline logo will show up on the left panel of the flight planner. Upon clicking the desired airline, the individual flights will show up on the left panel of the flight planner. You can then drag-and-drop the individual flights to a desired position within non-restricted flight time.

  • Flights have to be planned 3 hours in advance
  • Planes cannot land earlier than 05:00 and cannot depart later than 22:00. (Unless you have the Night Flights R & D upgrade)
  • For small gates, flights cannot be placed less than an hour from current game time.
  • For large gates, flights cannot be placed less than three hours from current game time.

Upon dropping the flight in a desired position, a confirmation box will appear. Once the confirmation box is checked, the flight is locked into that position unless the contract is broken.

Multi-day Planning[]

At the top of the flight planner, the current day and next six can be clicked on. Single-frequency flights cannot be scheduled more than six days in advance. Multi-frequency flights are scheduled for the same time and date each week unless the flight is canceled by the airport.

Auto Planning[]

Auto Planning of flights can be enabled by hiring a COO and a CIO onto the Board. This will automatically schedule your flights, so you don't need to plan them yourselves!