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There are two different types of fuel. Jet A-1 fuel is used for commercial aircraft while Avgas-100 fuel is used for GA aircraft. Fuel is stocked by fuel suppliers and stored in fuel depots. Then fuel tankers will fill up at the fuel depots and deliver it to the Stand to refuel the Plane.

Fuel Suppliers[]

You need to sign a contract with a fuel supplier to receive fuel. They will then send trucks to fill your fuel depot. You can only have one active fuel supply contract at a time. A fuel supplier can always supply both types of fuel, AvGas-100 and Jet A-1.


There are three different classes of fuel suppliers. Their class is represented by the stars next to the supplier's name in the contract window. A higher class supplier delivers fuel at a lower price and is capable of transporting more fuel in one delivery.

Class (Stars) Price of AvGas100 LL ($/liter) Price of Jet A-1 ($/liter) Liters per delivery
1 (2 Stars) 0.005 0.01 200 000
2 (3 Stars) 0.004 0.009 400 000
3 (4 Stars) 0.003 0.006 800 000

List of fuel suppliers[]

Name CEO Class
Nature Fuel Robert Watson 2
Avi Fuel Laura Mallot 3
Zip Fuel Rex Rhodes 3
fuel & go Blet Puten 4
Mecz Avifuel Roger Hillstad 4

Fuel depots[]

A Fuel Depot stores fuel to supply the airport's fuel tankers. They come in the 4 different types:

  • Small Jet A-1
  • Medium Jet A-1
  • Small Avgas-100
  • Medium Avgas-100

Small fuel depots store 30k liters of fuel, while medium fuel depots store 200k litres of fuel. The capacity of medium fuel depots can be increased with fuel tanks.

They get filled by the fuel supplier that you signed a contract with and your [#Fuel Tankers|fuel tankers]]

Fuel Tanks[]

Fuel tanks are buildings that can be attached to medium fuel depots. You can only attach fuel tanks of the same fuel type (Jet A-1 or Avgas-100) and only 6 of them for each fuel depot. They increase the fuel capacity by 40k liters each.

Fuel Tankers[]

Main article: Fuel Tanker


Some parts of the refueling system have to be researched.

  • You need to unlock the Jet A-1 fuel depot with the "Jet A-1 fuel" research project.
  • You need to unlock medium fuel depots with the "Medium fuel depots" research project.
  • You need to unlock fuel tanks with the "Fuel tanks" research project, after you have unlocked medium fuel depots.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Fuel depots and tanks can be built underground as long as they are connected to an underground road.
  • By dragging concrete or asphalt tiles underneath fuel depots and tanks you can get rid of the grass to make it look proper.