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General Aviation (also known as GA) is one of the two types of aviation operations in Airport CEO. It represents unscheduled civil aviation flights. These private planes may land whenever they are in the area and are accepted by air traffic control.


General Aviation is most preferable during the initial stages of an airport and help cover the employee and maintenance costs of it. General Aviation is not intended for long-term sustainability as it does not fund future expansion. This is why commercial operations are long-term, although many opt to keep their General Aviation segment running during larger operations. Airports receive less money from General Aviation flight when parked and also for runway use, although the advantage of this is that General Aviation aircraft require shorter runways and smaller gates, thus reducing initial investment and maximising return. General Aviation operations are also very easily expandable.


Main article: How To Play

Note: This guide is intended to be followed at the beginning of the game and does not include all main tutorial steps. For a more comprehensive base-game tutorial, see the main article as linked above.

Base Investment:

  1. Build several small stands. The recommended base-game amount is 5 as General Aviation operations are also very easily expandable.
  2. Build a small runway.
  3. Connect both ends of the runway with all of the stands via Runway Ramps.
  4. Create a path for the aircraft using Taxiway Nodes and Taxiway Foundation. This required drawing a route from the aircraft icon above each gate to each end of the runway.
  5. Place a runway entrance at both ends of the runway
  6. Place a small ATC Tower anywhere.
  7. Configure the runway and stands to accept small, General Aviation aircraft.
  8. Open the airport in the Operations Panel.
  9. Optional, HIGHLY recommended: Set the "Always Accept GA" slider to true in the Operations Panel in order to allow ATC to clear General Aviation aircraft to land freely in their designated stands using their designated runway without having to manually accept each General Aviation flight.

Optional Expansion:

  1. Research AVGas-100 fuel operations in the Procurement section of the Economy Panel.
  2. Build a vehicle depot.
  3. Purchase at least 1 (recommended amount) AVGas-100 fuel truck.
  4. Sign a fuel contract in the Contract section of the Economy Panel.
  5. Enable "AVGas-100 Refueling" in the Operations Panel.

Note: This will begin to earn the airport money as your first General Aviation aircraft should arrive shortly. If you did not enable "Always Accept GA" as recommended, you will need to manually approve General Aviation aircraft to land in your Airport via the top bar control panel.

Supported Planes[]

The General Aviation type of aviation operation supports a different set of planes from Commercial aviation operations. As of the last edit to this article, there are 7 planes that support General Aviation.

Cessna 182 on Asphalt Taxiway