Airport CEO Wiki

General Tips[]

  • Don't expect to be offered great contracts early on - your airport will need to earn some reputation before bigger contracts are made available.
  • Try playing in sandbox when you first get the game to help grasp certain systems in the game.
  • Try waiting for about half an in-game hour at the start, then you have a chance that you will get a better building contract that is cheaper and has more available contractors.

Construction Tips[]

  • Plan your Airport thoroughly before starting to construct it.

Roads, Service Roads and Taxiways[]

  • Make sure to connect roads with side-walks and cross-walks.
  • Side-walk is necessary for objects to move out of Terminal/stands.

  • Cross-walk connecting two side-walks/stops. These are necessary to enable path-finding across roads.


Main article: Security
  • The Secure Zone should be connected by proper Security Checkpoints and Exits, else the passengers won't board, staff won't go to work, and basically your airport would be useless/broken(not good!).

    Use the security checkpoints and Exits for all zone changes.


  • Be sure to connect the stands to taxiways.
  • The stands that you intend to use for commercial should be built attached to the terminals, or equip your airport for remote stands. Also they should be configured for Commercial use (Click it).
  • GA stands can be built anywhere on the map.. just make sure they have a taxiway and service road connection.
  • After construction, use the Taxiway Node tool to make a path from Runway(s) to all stands.


Main article: Baggage
  • Baggage system requires a bit of effort to design.
  • The area around baggage bays should be zoned as secure in order for ramp agents to find it.
  • The more ramp agents you hire (up to a point) the faster your baggage will get processed.


  • Contractors are paid for as long as they are in service. Dismissing excess contractors once their work is done will reduce expenses.
  • Larger stores will generate more revenue from rent.
  • Keeping passengers happy will ensure that they want to spend money in shops.