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Ground Transportation
Ground Transportation.jpg
An image showing a variety of ground transportation options
Procured? Mixed
Required? Yes

Ground transportation is one way for passengers to arrive/depart from your airport. Passengers leaving via flights will arrive this way, and arrivals will leave this way. Ground transportation should be in the open area (not zoned at all) of your airport.

Types of Ground Transportation[]

There are the following types of ground transportation, all of which can be placed down from the Infrastructure and transportation menu:

  • Bus (via bus stop)
  • Car (via car stop)
  • Car (via parking lot)
  • Taxi (via taxi stop)
  • Metro (via metro station)

Do note that metro must be researched via the R & D panel.

Vehicles for each type except metro will arrive to the stop via airport entrances and public roads to drop of passengers to check-in and pick up queueing passengers. Passengers arriving will spawn, and passengers leaving will instantly despawn. Make sure passengers have a valid path (via sidewalk in most cases) to the terminal.


  • Alpha 34: Parking lots
  • Early Access Release: All types except for parking lots