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Hangars were added in Alpha 36 and are used to repair aircraft. An aircraft occupying it may take anywhere from 15-30 hours while a repair is on-going. Aircraft park on them similarly to normal stands/gates. Both medium and large hangers will require a service road connection to push aircraft out of the hanger, while small aircraft will smash their wings in the small hanger to exit it.

4 Hangers. GA Hanger, Small Commercial Hanger, And Medium Hanger, And Large Hanger (From Left to Right). This area of the airport is still being developed by the CEO of this airport.

World Interaction[]

There are three sizes for hangars. Small, medium, and large.

  • Options for hangars
    • Small Hangars
      • Toggle for 'GA, Commercial, or Both'
      • Allow Specific Airline
    • Medium Hangars
      • Allow Specific Airline
    • Large Hangars
      • Allow Medium Aircraft
      • Allow Specific Airline

The Hanger Size are as follows:

  • Small Hangers (5x5)
  • Medium Hangers (10x8)
  • Large Hangers (14x16)