Public Parking Lot

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General Information[edit | edit source]

Public parking lots allow staff and passengers to drive themselves to the airport and park.

Public parking lots must be placed next to public roads.

A Public parking lot has space for 28 cars.

Costs[edit | edit source]

Construction cost = $2,500

Operating cost = $10/hr

Fees[edit | edit source]

Passengers pay a fee to park at the airport. This can be set in the Economy --> Fees tab for both short term and long term parking.

Options[edit | edit source]

The Public Parking Lot has three configurable options (as of Version Alpha 34.6) These are:

On/Off[edit | edit source]

This turns the parking lot on or off. A parking lot turned off will not permit cars to park there. Cars in a parking lot that is turned off will be immediately ejected (needs confirmation).

Passengers or Staff[edit | edit source]

This designates whether the parking lot should be open to passengers or staff. Currently (Version A 34.6) the parking lot can only accept one or the other.

Long Term Parking[edit | edit source]

This option is only available when the parking lot is set to "Passenger"

Long term parking has a different fee to short term parking. Normally the fee is lower for long term parking but the car park is further away from the terminal.

Parking Lot Name[edit | edit source]

You can edit the name of the parking lot by changing the text on the top right of the information panel.