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Roads are used for maneuvering vehicles through your airport. There are two types of roads: public and service (roads), each are suitable for different uses and have multiple aesthetic options.

All the types of roads in Airport CEO.
Procured? Yes
Required? Yes

Public Roads[]

Public roads allow for the movement of buses and cars to bus stops and car drop-offs in which they unload passengers. Contractor shuttle busses and lorries filled with building material will also use roads to get to offload sites. Bus stops, car drop-offs, contractor offload sites, loading sites and security checkpoints must be connected to public roads in order to function. All in-game vehicles can travel on public roads.

A crosswalk placed over a public road.

Service Roads[]

Service roads are used by airport vehicles in order to access stands and perform their specified duties. In order to access service roads a vehicle must pass through a security checkpoint which must be connected to both public and service roads. A vehicle depot is used to store vehicles (allowed to access the service roads) when they are not in use. Service roads, unlike public roads are able to be placed across taxiways to access a larger amount of stands.


Road Type Aesthetic Price per 4X4 ($)
Public Asphalt 100
Public Concrete 100
Service Grass 50
Service Asphalt 100
Service Concrete 100

Planned Features[]

  • Roads with multiple lanes