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A small security area, with three small security checkpoints and one security exit (with an appropriate blue carpet).
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Security on your airport exists out of several elements that together make your airport a secure place.

Basics of Security[]

The airport has several layers that are expressed in your security rating, which can be found in the information ratings panel in your bottom bar.

Security Checkpoints[]

All sizes of security checkpoint with zones on to show how it should work.

In Airport CEO, one of the most important zones is the Secure Zone. The Secure Zone is from where flights depart. It is important to have all the services in your secure area as you have in your open area (no zones at all). These include shops, restaurants/cafes, bathrooms, and seating.

To interchange passengers and staff between a secure area and a non-secure area, they have to go through a secure checkpoint.

Security entry[]

To interchange passengers and staff into a secure area, they need a security check at a security station. The game has three types of security stations. Security officers and contractors are excluded from passing zones via a security station.

  • Small Security Checkpoint which only requires one (1) security officer but has a low speed.
  • Medium Security Checkpoint which requires four (4) security officers but has a medium speed.
  • Big Security Checkpoint which requires five (5) security officers but has a fast speed.


Using queues (buildable from the object panel) makes a line-up for the security checkpoint more orderly, but takes up more space.

Security exit[]

To interchange passengers and staff out of a secure area, a Security Exit is required. Keep in mind that it is possible to mark a secure exit as "Staff Only" by zoning it staff only. All passengers should go through security checkpoints to make sure that they are not carrying any illegal or dangerous items. Contraband that gets onto planes can cause incidents, making passengers feel unsafe and incurring fines. While security needs to be thorough it also needs to be fast, or passenger happiness will go down.


Main article: Baggage

To mitigate security incidents with baggage on your airplanes, the game offers a wide range of luggage scanning before entering your plane.

Baggage brought into your airport is considered secured by the game.

When first starting up your airport, the only security check possible on your luggage is in the security checkpoints between zoning; this is the lowest level of baggage security.

When the baggage service is unlocked in R&D, it is possible to scale up in R&D into three different secure check tiers. Each tier will heighten the security rating of your baggage system.

Vehicle Security[]

When buying new vehicles or getting fuel deliveries the respective vehicles will have to enter your airport's secure service roads from public roads via a vehicle checkpoint. If you have many of these, they must be connected via service roads (secure roads).

Security Patrols[]

Security patrols help your security rating and have other benefits. See the two types below for more info.

Security Patrols[]

As of version 1.0-19, this does nothing else than increase your security rating.

Vehicles Patrols[]

As of version 1.0-19, this increases your security rating as well as deletes any animals next to the road.

International Zones/Areas[]

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