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Small aircraft are 1 of three sizes of aircraft in Airport CEO. Small aircraft are the only aircraft in the game that can be General Aviation aircraft.

Commercial[edit | edit source]

Small commercial aircraft carry a few passengers and are the next step in most builds after GA. To operate small commercial flights you will need:

  • A runway with commercial flights turned on of any size
  • A path to a stand via taxiway nodes
  • A stand that is commercial and small with the following complete:
    • Access to a secure zone with one entrance and exit
    • A boarding desk
    • A check in desk
    • Some transit structures
  • A contract signed with an airline

Then schedule the flight and hopefully all goes well and get your first flight. Minimum suggested taxiway width: 3 tiles, with node in middle

Small Aircraft normally need services of the small size:

  • Small security checkpoints
  • Small check-in/boarding desk
  • Small runway

General Aviation[edit | edit source]

Main article: General Aviation

Models (GA and Commercial)[edit | edit source]

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