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Staff (also Employees) are an integral part of the airport, most employee management happens inside the staff tab of the management panel, it can used to hire, fire, locate, train, and otherwise manage your airport's employees.

Hiring and Management[]


Staff can be hired from the applicants section in the staff tab, and can be filtered by type. From there you can see who is applying for work at your airport, Each applicant is unique, possessing a unique name, appearance, desired salary, and skill level. Skill will affects the happiness of Passengers who interact with the employee, or their rate of completing tasks. Staff will arrive at the airport using transport infrastructure.


Staff can be managed from the staff section of the staff tab, there, hired employees (excluding contractors, and shopkeepers), can be fired, trained, and located.


Staff can be trained by clicking the train button, this increases their skill level at the literal price of higher salary.


The following staff can be hired and managed from the staff tab:

Type Staff Hourly Salary Jobs Notes
Standard Passenger service agent $7–9 Operate the information desks, Check-in desks, boarding desks, and information desks either individually or as part of lounges. They are the main role that customers will interact with, and therefore their skill impact passenger satisfaction.
Standard Security $11–16 Operate security checkpoints, Customs booths and tier 3 baggage scanners. High productivity means lower chance of dangerous baggage going through.
Standard Ramp Agent $8–15 Inspects parked aircraft and handles loading and unloading of baggage from the aircraft and the baggage bay.
Standard Administrator Required for working on upgrades in the R&D tab. Additional management can be done from procurement tab.
Standard Janitor $1–10 Keep the airport clean. Tends to be the staff member with the lowest salary, often less than $2 per hour.
Standard Service Technician $11–16 Repairs broken objects.
Special Franchise Staff Operate shop and restaurant counters, cooking stations, as part of a shop or restaurant. Provided by franchises while there is an active franchise contract. Cannot be managed or hired, as comes with signing contract.
Special Contractor Depending on contract. Completes constructions. Hired in bulk as part of a Contractor Contract. All have same salary as listed in contract. Cannot be managed individually.
Executive CFO $80–120 Allows for modifying fees via the Fees tab.
Executive CIO $75–115 Required for several upgrades in the Procurement tab.
Executive COO $75–90 Required for several upgrades in the Procurement tab. Auto-repairs stands
Executive HR Director $70–90 Allows for modifying salaries via the Salaries tab.
Executive Procurement Director $25–35 To be added
Executive Strategy Director $65–85 Required for several upgrades in the Procurement tab.


Shifts determine how long employees work. Longer shifts mean employees will get tired and their work quality will suffer. Shorter shifts mean employees will be more well-rested, but you will need to hire more people in order to compensate.

The board[]

From here you can hire executives, which will give you access to various upgrades and boosts. This serves no other purpose than seeing boosts of executives.