Airport CEO Wiki

Zones are one of the most important things in Airport CEO. They come into play almost immediately, when you begin to handle passengers and staff. Hold CTRL to delete zones, and this is the only way to delete zones.

Types of Zones[]

There are the following types of zones:

  • Secure Zone
  • Staff Zone
  • International Zone

Secure Zone[]

Secure zone is arguably the most important type of zone. It has its own page here.

Staff Zone[]

Staff zone is the first type of zone available to the player, as it is available at the start of the game. Staff zone should not be confused with a staff room. Staff zone prevents passengers from walking over it, and can be used in between staff rooms, and creating other non-passenger areas. Be careful with staff zone, like any other zone, because randomly applying this can create pathfinding problems.

International Zone[]

International zone is another important zone. It has its own page here.


  • Alpha 35: International zone all other related objects added
  • Original release: Staff and Secure zone added (possibly)